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Here do I add my projects I have coded


This tool is made by me to check if mine or other people's PlayerIO game have activated different login methods.
You could also register as a simple user to the server, or just check out if the captcha works as it should.
This tool also comes with a database scanner and a dictionary with common database names.
the Green dot is for closed database and red is for open database.

This tool is made by cyph1e he gave me the sourcecode and since then I have updated the tool.
You can simply see what the tool does, it's an editor for the game I play. A lot of tools and features.
I don't want to count up all features but this tool is used by many people.
Since this tool is still in progress I give you a link to the github page.
The code isn't perfect, but the tool works.

Since Flash is not going to be supported anymore and we are moving to offline client.
I made a tool which can convert everything to offline world.
0) We can login with email and password and read from our own account and parse them to eelvl format.
If we select Favorites our favorited worlds will be automatic added.
1) Read from nicknames. You can search up a user by their nickname and then convert their worlds to eelvl format.
2) Read from crew. You can search for a crew and convert all their worlds to eelvl format.
3) Read from WorldID. You can convert a worldid to eelvl format.

Everything that this tools does, is to check if the players profile is private.
And ignore converting. Same with a world hidden from lobby.

This is the image of the tool:

With this tool you can rightclick on the smiley and choose add. You can choose how each smiley should be controlled.
Maybe with a kick+forgive or give them edit or godmode.
You can also add people to the whitelist so they can use whatever smiley they want.

This is the image of the tool:

This tool will show up the nickname, how many deaths, yellow coins, blue coins or if the user have trophy or crown.
I used this tool to detect cheaters in my own world.

This is the image of the tool:

This tool did I make for people that want to have control in their rooms. And some fun features.
This is all things you can use this tool for:

0) You can ban people from your world. And the best thing is that you can use wildcards.
As example nick1,nick2,nick3 join the world. Instead of banning everyone each time you can use wildcards. nick* will ban 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.
1) You could also whitelist people and choose an option to kick everyone else. Secret room? yeah.
2) Admins and Guardians do have power to use the bot with different access. Admin as doing everything, and guardian as below.
3) Regular, now lets choose what we want to do to regular users, users without powers.
We could give the person editing access when the regular user do something. Or give them a color.
4) Control. This is the best thing. Select a nickname in the playerlist and choose what you want to do with the person.
5) Edit Rights, with this window we can control and see when a nickname have edit access, maybe know the code?
So we can panic and reset the code or remove edit, ban, kick and whatsoever.
6) Give Color, when you are an admin or guardian you get a color rectangle on the nick.
This works for whitelisted people and people that have edit.

This is the an animated image of the tool:

This tool was showing exactly how it looked in the room, or how the minimap looked like.
This tool was for the game I was playing.

This is the image of the tool:

The game I played could show chat, join/left people. So I made a chat tool for the game.
It had different features. This project is old and I don't remember much about it.
Just that you could see people chat and such.

This is the image of the tool:

The game I played had no bots/tools that made them following peoples movement, chat, god, coin, crown, smiley.
So I built this tool to do this. This tool was a part from my first bot ever made.
The bot changed face to a ghost and was stalking random people in my world. Some people got scared from it.

This is the image of the tool:

The game I played had some bugs that people could use. I add the list this tool could do.

0) Add music notes which made people to lag when touching.
1) Add invisible blocks, which could be used as blocks on backgrounds.
2) Add invisible portals, which could hide normal portals to not be seen.
3) Add unlimited of portals ids.
4) Add invisible spikes, you could die without seeing the spikes.
5) Add backgrounds which not all clients had, so they will just freeze in the world.
6) Add coin doors/gate which didn't need a id.

So this tool/bot helped people to do all these things.

This is the image of the tool:

So when zalgryth coded this awesome bot to upload pictures to the game I played.
The images was also made out of blocks which had different colors.
zalgryth gave up his project so I continued on a recode. This was EEArtist.

This is the image of the first recode:

This is the image of the last recode:


In a game I started playing there was only possible to place 1 block each time.
Since my other autoclicker AutoBuilder. I tried to make something better. Because AutoBuilder was made so easy.
With my knowledge I ended in making it's own editor and builder.
I named this tool as EEBuilder.

This is the editor I added to EEBuilder:

This is the builder I added to EEBuilder:

Download sourcecode

In a game I started playing there was only possible to place 1 block each time.
So I made my own AutoClicker to draw different pixel art in the world.
This tool did I name AutoBuilder.

Download sourcecode

WPE Pro is a program that sends custom packets. However, the user must select all packets separately.
Hence I've made a tool that selects multiple packets in one go.
This program did I name wpewpe.